Homecorp management team led by Ron Bakir

Who are Homecorp?

Homecorp began in 2004 with a single plot of land. Now we are one of the leading Developer Builders in Australia and are owned by Prime Life Technologies, a Toyota and Panasonic company. We are united by our passion for continual improvement and delivering better outcomes, homes and communities. Our strategic ownership is helping Homecorp develop inspiring communities of the future where people belong.

“良家”(A Good Home)

“A home is a place where our heart is, a place where we build character, a place of importance as we live our lives. I would like to build wonderful homes that nurture our living.”

Konosuke Matsushita – Founder, Panasonic

Strategic Ownership – Future Focus

Toyota Motor and Panasonic chose to merge housing businesses to form a joint venture. This company, Prime Life Technologies, is focused on developing connected homes and services for next-generation living.

Both companies see opportunity in the internet of things, or IoT, which connects home appliances, vehicles and other devices via the internet.

“A rapid change is expected in this business due to the accelerated deployment of IoT technologies in home appliances, household equipment, etc., as well as in the evolution in mobility.”

Toyota Operating Officer Masayoshi Shirayanagi

“It will be necessary to create cities with many partners…
we want to enhance convenience.”

Panasonic Senior Managing Executive Officer Makoto Kitano believes merging businesses “will create unparalleled value in cities.”

This merger has a clear future focus. By combining the strengths of the two companies, the aim is to take advantage of the internet of things to explore and develop new housing applications.

“Toyota has been leading the mobility field, and Panasonic has long been serving lifestyle needs of people,” said Pansonic President Kazuhiro Tsuga in a statement. “We will put our respective strengths together to offer new value in everyday life.”

“I want to take on the challenge of providing a new kind of lifestyle.”

Akio Toyoda – President, Toyota

Toyoda added that he wanted to combine “the strengths of Toyota”, with its vehicle business and connected business, and Panasonic, with its home appliances, battery and IoT business”. The combination of all these elements will deliver enhanced competitiveness.

Toyota entered the housing business in 1975 and established Toyota Housing in 2003. They then acquired Misawa Homes in 2017. Shortly after this acquisition discussions commenced to join forces with Homecorp in Queensland.

In 2018 Homecorp announced strategic ownership by Prime Life Technologies through Misawa Homes Australia. Prime Life Technologies and Misawa Homes Australia, and then in turn Homecorp, are jointly owned by Toyota and Panasonic.