Essence Estate house and land development by Homecorp

Site Visit: Essence, Toowoomba

Essence Estate has undergone an impressive transformation from piles of soil, pipes and gravel to lush landscaped boulevards and level lots.

Words don’t do the process and transformation justice. The best way to really appreciate the hard work that has gone into creating this new community is from the air.

Take a moment to watch the progression of each site visit captured in the video below.

From the early earthworks to the homes that have already taken shape in Stage 1. Fly over the beginnings of boulevards and see them become sealed streets. We are proud of the tremendous team effort that has transformed Essence from bare land into a boutique estate.

Toowoomba Takes Off

With the initial stages built or commencing construction, Homecorp are now preparing lots in Stage 2 and Stage 4 at Essence Estate for release to market to meet demand.

Essence is rapidly developing into an inspiring community. The dedication of our team is creating an estate people are proud to call home.

Toowoomba offers many advantages including housing affordability, employment opportunities, education, health services, open spaces, sport, and culture.

It is one of the most liveable regions in Australia, supported by one of the nation’s most diverse and healthy economies.

A surge in activity has broadened the economic base to include manufacturing, along with education, transport, logistics and information communication sectors.

As a result, Toowoomba was one of Queensland’s top performing property markets for 2023.  

New house and land packages are being released in Toowoomba's Essence Estate

Homecorp Hot Spots

Homecorp’s assessment criteria for development locations is something we have fine-tuned over decades in the industry. 

Our track record speaks for itself with five of Homecorp’s key development locations – Toowoomba, Logan Reserve, Ipswich, Rockhampton and Adelaide – featuring on hot property lists for 2023.

Essence Estate Toowoomba is ready for new houses to be built by Homecorp

Want to know more? Take a look at Homecorp’s plans for Essence Estate or talk to our team today.