Our Build Process

The Build Process

Building An Investment Property

When it comes to property investment, there’s no shortage of information available about the best road to success.  Being able to find and access up-to-date information makes that road easier to navigate and that’s where Homecorp’s build portal comes in.

When buying a family home, about 90% of the purchasing decision is likely to be based on emotion as your home is where you’ll raise a family.

When it comes to investing, your buying decision is most likely to be based on data. Allowing emotions into the equation can mean you are more likely to over-capitalise on your purchase or buy in an area that may not deliver the financial outcomes you are targeting.


New house and land Greenbank Queensland

Spotting Property Hot Spots

Homecorp has a finely-tuned criteria for selecting areas for development. It includes looking an infrastructure investment as well as key amenities like health, education and lifestyle facilities. And we don’t just look at what is in place today, we look out into the future to ensure we are helping to develop quality communities for today and tomorrow.

We conduct this deep dive into data in every suburb, area and region we invest in and the great news is we are happy to share what we know.

We also have decades of experience developing land and building stand alone homes through to master planned communities. Along the way, we have nutted out the best way to build in various regions around Australia, like South Australia.


Homecorp Build Process

Homecorp pulls together all of this experience and expertise and wraps it up in an online build portal to make the building and investment experience easy, even for first-time property investors.

The Homecorp build portal allows you to follow every stage in your build. The online portal is accessible on any internet-ready device. Enjoy 24/7 access to site photos, progress updates, plans and certificates on any internet-capable device.

If you have been given login details simply click the link below and follow the instructions. If you require login details, please contact our Customer Service team.




What is in the build portal?

Our build portal is a useful tool to manage workflows, overlays and project updates.  Owners can login and catch up with the current build stage and photographs of what is happening on site.

The legal paperwork associated with your build is also available here as well as certificates and warranty paperwork once various stages of the build are complete.




From handy timelines to help with production work flows and to better manage stock and deliveries to easy to access invoicing and legal documents that help reduce paperwork…. you can access all this and more in one location, online anytime.

To arrange a login, please reach out to your Homecorp representative.  If you can’t find what you need within the build portal, please contact your Homecorp for further assistance.