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Securing your future doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of a well-executed plan. Planning is how you bring the future into the present and the best time to start doing that with property is now!

Whether you are new to property or you have a property portfolio, strategic investing starts today.

Homecorp have been developing since 2004. We help eliminate the stress and hassle of coordinating purchases and timelines and take care of everything for you.

Our scalable construction methods allow us to build your house in just 25 weeks from slab down.*

House and Land Packages allow investors to unlock a number of benefits. Homecorp have house and land opportunities in a range of highly sought-after locations across Australia.

Homecorp provides more than just a fixed price contract, we offer you a comprehensive package of assurances that includes a 28 day start guarantee, a 25 week build guarantee, and a 12 month rental guarantee. 

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Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end with guarantees; we take pride in our exceptional customer service. Your dedicated customer service representative is on hand to ensure your investment journey is a smooth and effective one.

At Homecorp, we understand that embarking on a home-building journey is a significant investment, both emotionally and financially.  Our team go the extra mile to provide you with unparalleled confidence and peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Discover what Homecorp has to offer – talk to us today!

*terms and conditions apply

Practical Completion

When it comes to building the term “Practical Completion” is like the holy grail. This is a day new homeowners look forward to as it is the day when ‘practically’ all the work on your new home has been completed.

That said, it is not the day you will get to take possession of your house. Terms like practical completion can sound like a full stop to the home building journey but there are several steps beyond this.

Here is a quick guide to the final stages of your house build and handover.

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Handover Inspector

Between practical completion and handover there is often an inspection by an independent person or company who will look over the entire house and compile a list of defects against Australian standards of finished work.

These defects are then fixed prior to you moving in to help ensure your home is at the highest quality.

There is also likely to be some other formalities, like the final valuation of your home, and of course the final payment. It is generally a two week period from practical completion (PC) to handover.

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Handover Day

Handover can take anywhere between 1-3 hours. This is where one of our team will take you around your home and explain everything to you.

Final cleans are done the day of or day before handover so everything is fresh for when you move in.

Just like at the PC stage you will go around your home with your site super. They will point out all the key functions of the house, like how to open and lock the doors and where the garage remote is stored.

After handover is when we step into what we call the defects period. This goes for 6 months, the standard HIA period is 3 months. We doubled it to give you and the home extra time to settle in!

During this period, we rely on the help of the new homeowners to help us note any defects such as leaks that may occur. We will also check in from time to time over the first few weeks and months.

At about the halfway period in the year, we will have a look over the defects that have been recorded and start preparing to go through them.

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Our Homeowners Guide

Everyone also gets a digital handover guide. This book has all kinds of tips and tricks to help you get the most from your new home – like drying out the house, making it green, energy use, window protection, insulation, lighting, and air conditioning.

This guide also includes information about security, electrics, ceilings, bathroom fittings, paintwork care, roofing and your warranty.

Your home comes with a 12-month* maintenance period. Your warranty means that we’ll cover any structural problems that occur with your house.  Small maintenance issues are really common and nothing to worry about.

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Moving In

Moving can be a stressful time. Here are some helpful reminders to help make the process as low-stress as possible.

First, make sure all the important stuff is safe – things like prescriptions, driver’s license, marriage, birth certificates, and passports.

Secondly, book in the disconnection of the utilities at your old address and the connection of the amenities, internet, and pay-tv at your new address. 

Also notify any relevant businesses (incl. Aus Post) of your change of address.

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Settling ln 

Whether you already know where each picture is going to go, or you’re just beginning your nesting journey, there’s no rush, pace yourself!