Why invest in property?

Australia needs rental properties. Our population is continuing to grow and the number of households renting is also increasing each year. The bulk of renters live in homes provided by private landlords. This creates plenty of opportunity to use property as a way of building your own wealth.

An investment you can touch

For many investors property is appealing – when you invest in a rental property you have an asset that you can see and feel.

It is very reassuring to be able to drive by or click on Google Maps and take a look at how your investment is going. Because we all understand how a rental property works, it can be easier to relate to investing in a home than in something less tangible such as shares.


Property investment is also one of the few investment vehicles where you can use other people’s money to achieve your goals – so long as you meet the lending criteria, there are a range of banks happy to help you make a smart investment.

Where to invest

You know you want to be a property investor. But where do you want to invest?

Some people choose to buy investment properties in their own neighbourhoods because they know them well. They know which sorts of properties are popular, understand what tenants are looking for and know the things to watch out for when selecting a place to purchase. Buying an investment near your home can be helpful if you’re planning to manage the property yourself, too.

Other people look further afield, to other cities and states, particularly if they are investing in several properties.

Diversification gives potential investors a broader exposure to the market and there are often great opportunities in areas further from home or in areas you might not know so well.

Homecorp has house and land packages geared for property investing in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

Full turn-key packages are designed to make building an investment property easier and low stress. At Homecorp, an expert team pair each piece of land with the ideal house plan and facade to maximise the potential of the lot.

Every Homecorp estate is thoroughly researched against our selection criteria for investment potential. We consider factors like access to amenities like schools, transport and healthcare.

Homecorp began from a single plot of land in 2004 and have been building ever since. To find out more about the best current investment property opportunities across Australia, talk to the team at Homecorp.