Our Team


Ron Bakir CEO and Founder of Homecorp


Chief Executive Officer

With a true passion for business, Ron has led Homecorp from humble beginnings to become a leading Developer Builder.

Ron started Homecorp in 2004 and under his guidance the company has delivered over 24 communities encompassing 10,000 developed dwellings and 5,200 developed lots.

Homecorp Chief Operations Office David McMahon has a long storied history in property development


Chief Operations Officer

With over three decades of experience in the construction and property development industry, David brings a wealth of expertise to this role.

Having held senior positions, including Development Manager and Chief Operating Officer, at Sunland Group for over 15 years, David’s strategic leadership powers Homecorp’s operational excellence.

Marc Fritzsche brings extensive legal and property experience to Homecorp


Executive Director

Becoming Homecorp Group General Manager in 2007, Marc has been pivotal in establishing operations across Australia. With substantial experience in management and law, Marc became Executive Director in 2018.

His passion for property and land development is driving Homecorp’s growth and business development.

Meet Homecorp's Head of Finance


Chief Finance Officer

As a qualified chartered accountant, Jason brings over 15 years of post- articles experience to his role as Chief Financial Officer. With a focus on compliance, processes, and controls, Jason’s financial acumen and analytical reporting skills ensure effective cost control, processes, compliance and financial management at Homecorp.

Homecorp is owned by Misawa Homes and Prime Life Technologies



Tomo Takizawa became Managing Director of Misawa Homes Australia in 2023.

He has previously headed Misawa Homes’ Business Development, in both Japan and in the USA.

Tomo brings extensive experience in driving growth and managing operations across international markets.

Homecorp is owned by Misawa Homes Australia



Jun Horiuchi was General Manager of Misawa Homes’ land subdivision department in Japan prior to his secondment to Australia.  He led Misawa Homes in Australia from 2017 to 2023. During his tenure, Jun has helped to develop specialised communities incorporating the latest technologies to enhance residents’ lifestyles.

Homecorp offers a highly experienced development and building team



Our team is developing and building in every sense.

We are experienced Project Builders and know how to take bare earth and develop inspiring communities.

We develop exceptional teams, projects and estates. Please reach out or visit our LinkedIn profile to learn more about opportunities with Homecorp.